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February 2, 2013
GM Ian Rogers
The #5 article in Best of CLO 2012 is Caruana Dominating Grand Slam Final at Halftime by GM Ian Rogers. Judges praised Rogers' simultaneously instructive and entertaining writing. The piece inspired a follow-up article in the January 2013 issue of Chess Life Magazine, Are You Smarter than a Super GM?  

Australian GM Rogers is a popular writer for CLO, Chess Life Magazine  and many other publications all over the World. His other recent CLO pieces include "Aldama Didn't Miss a Thing" on the 2012 Metropolitan International and coverage of the 2012 Gelfand-Anand World Championship match. Last year, GM Rogers' piece on Nakamura in Brazil also ranked in Best of CLO. He travels with his wife, photographer Cathy Rogers. Look for his coverage of the London Candidates in March.

The Judges Sound Off
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Many students hate looking at their games with a computer, mostly because they fear the harsh evaluations of Fritz and company.  Alas, GM Ian Rogers cleverly demonstrated that even 2800s were fallible.  The stories, intertwined within the round-by-round progression of the tournament, allowed us all to chuckle under our breaths.--Michael Aigner 

Thank you GM Rogers for letting us mere mortals know that Grandmasters can blunder like the rest of us.  The positions were instructive and entertaining.  --Polly Wright 

Interesting story on the Sao Paulo/Bilbao. Of course this was only a story written at a particular point in the tournament (Carlsen won), but it gave us a unique insight into top level chess and some beautiful positions-- Daaim Shabazz

 Ian has always been one of my favorite chess writers.  He gives the highlights and some of the errors made by the world's elite.  Very instructive and fun to read.-GM Ben Finegold 

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