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By Glenn Petersen, Editor, Chess Life for Kids   
October 29, 2008
285149main_vote_226.jpgHaving said "A," we must say "B."  At least that was the thinking of the Stevenson Elementary School Chess Club.  Having lured Astronaut Greg Chamitoff's Queen to e2 - where the kids gave their Knight away with check last move - the team came up with just ONE option: 10 ... Ba6!   Thus, there is no need for a public vote, and the ball is once again in Greg's court.
However, the cancellation of voting here at move 10 is not expected to be repeated anytime soon.  So please, join Greg and Expedition 18 Commander Mike Fincke, in voting on (or by) November 4th , and check back often for further voting on this game, too.

Returning to the contest at hand, it looks like Earthlings will win the Exchange (bishop for a rook), but is it really that clear?

Greg Chamitoff vs. Earth (after 10...Ba6)

As USCF Correspondence Chess Director Alex Dunne points out:
"The Stevenson team found the best reply at move 9, selling the Knight for future gains.  Now play will be much more difficult for Greg, as one of his attacking pieces (the Rook on f1) will be exchanged for the Black Bishop on c8 that wasn't doing too much for Black's defense, and the white Queen will have to find a passive spot.  Round One, the opening, to the kids!"
As we all know, the Chess Gods have placed the middlegame before the ending.  The kids, and YOU, still have to win Rounds Two and Three.
* With apologies to Walter Huston and "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre".

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Earth vs. Space Chess Match, 2008-09

Astronaut Dr. Greg Chamitoff has sent 46.Kxa2 and his resignation and congratulations to the Stevenson stars and Earth's voters.
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The Final Position:
(after Greg's 46.Kxa2)


Read NASA's announcement about this game.

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