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Thanksgiving in Space Print E-mail
By Hal Bogner, Match Director   
November 26, 2008
thumb_spacewalk_prep2.jpgSince Earth's 14th move ten days ago, things have been very busy aboard the International Space Station.  Space Shuttle Endeavour brought up more than eight tons of new gear - and seven astronauts - for a two-week spree of construction.  Four spacewalks later, Greg's lost pawn still remains to be found, but all other missions have been accomplished, and as ISS celebrates it's 10th anniversary in space, it is now ready to handle double the number of full-time resident astronauts and researchers. 

And now, after nearly six months in space - and about two months into our chess match - Greg is scheduled to return to Earth on Endeavour, and to our game.

When he gets home next week and settled in, Greg reports that he's looking forward to resuming play.  He will also be spending a lot of time in the next few months exercising, because he has been weightless for six months, and he has to build up his muscles and get used to gravity again.  And - like any serious player after a lengthy tournament chess game - he will be conducting an extensive "post mortem"  - going over the entire last six months on board ISS with his colleagues at NASA and her partner space agencies, so they can keep improving the space program.

So, to our young champions at Stevenson Elementary School in Bellevue, Washington, and to all Earthlings: Have a Happy Thanksgiving holiday, and then get ready to defend your small material edge, as Greg prepares to put his compensating advantages in development and mobility to work.

Greg Chamitoff vs. Earth (after 14...Qb6)

And during the holiday weekend, you can keep up with Greg and his crewmates, as the shuttle and station crews wrap up their work and spend Thanksgiving in space before Endeavour's undocking Friday for a Sunday landing.

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Earth vs. Space Chess Match, 2008-09

Astronaut Dr. Greg Chamitoff has sent 46.Kxa2 and his resignation and congratulations to the Stevenson stars and Earth's voters.
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The Final Position:
(after Greg's 46.Kxa2)


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