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By Glenn Petersen, Editor, Chess Life for Kids   
October 17, 2008
thumb_ISS_from_above.jpgAs the International Space Station (ISS) continues its orbit around the earth at a rate of five miles per second, more than 200 miles above Earth's surface, two tiny velco-fitted pieces of plastic were seen in it's wake, gently wafting their way down to oblivion - a sure fate for anything entering the Earth's atmosphere without a heat shield.
No, you didn't miss a voting opportunity.  Astronaut Greg Chamitoff chose 7.Bxc6+ as his move, and the champions from Stevenson Elementary School offered but one response:  7... bxc6.  Hence, there was no need for a stamp of approval from fellow earthlings.

The match continues and it is once again Chamitoff's move.
Greg Chamitoff vs. Earth (after 7.Bxc6+ bxc6)

Check in regularly this weekend - to see how Greg responds to the mounting pressure on White's pinned Knight - and then for a new round of voting as our Earth's young advisors offer their next round of move choices.

Chess isn't the only activity aboard ISS - you can check out NASA's ISS mission page  for the latest news and videos about the ISS and Expeditions 17 and 18.

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Earth vs. Space Chess Match, 2008-09

Astronaut Dr. Greg Chamitoff has sent 46.Kxa2 and his resignation and congratulations to the Stevenson stars and Earth's voters.
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The Final Position:
(after Greg's 46.Kxa2)


Read NASA's announcement about this game.

If you don't know all the rules of chess, and would like to learn, click here.
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