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USCF News: Update on Email Capabilities Print E-mail
By Mike Nolan   
December 22, 2009
The USCF has made several enhancements to its email capabilities recently.
This gives us several tools that members may be interested in:

1.  Members can now receive email updates when an event they played in has
   been rated.  These may even arrive before the event is available on MSA.

2.  Members can sign up for TLA Mail and get daily updates of upcoming events
   that they are interested in.  As of today, TLA Mail now lists events
   that have been or will be advertised in Chess Life as well as ones
   listed by organizers in the USCF's Online TLA Service.

3.  Members can sign up for the above services using the email preferences
   page, https://secure2.uschess.org/email/email-pref-update.php.

   (For now they will need to know their USCF ID and PIN to update their
   email preferences.  In the future, members may be able to use their
  uschess.org login and password.)

4.  In addition to the above, members can also use the above link to opt in
   or out of email sent by the USCF on behalf of our book and equipment
   partner, USCF Sales, email sent by the USCF on behalf of affiliates,
   and email sent by the USCF on behalf of other 3rd parties.

5.  We are now sending out email renewal notices for USCF memberships.

6.  Every year the USCF sends out several thousand replacement membership
   cards.  As a possible alternative, the USCF office now has the ability to
   email a member a replacment USCF membership card as a PDF file, emailed
   to the address in the member's USCF record.  It can be printed out on
   a laser or inkjet printer, though it will look best if it printed
   on card stock.

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