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Top Ten Reasons Not to Quit Chess for Poker Print E-mail
By CLO Editors   
December 26, 2006

10. Pocket queens always hold up in chess.
9. Poker Fritz has no idea what to do, even in tactical positions
8. It's easier to say "Dzhindzhikhashvili" than "Nguyen"
7. You can be the only one wearing shades at the chess board
6. Once you start playing poker, IRS pays more attention to your tournaments.
5. Easier to count pieces than chips
4. Your chess blunders won't be televised.
3. In poker, friends ask to borrow 10,000 dollars for Entry Fee instead of 300$
2. "Grandmaster" is more noble title than "card shark"
1. In chess, you can stick your tongue out at your opponent without worrying if it’s a tell.
0. No check-raise allowed!