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December 17, 2014
New York teams shined at the K-12 National Championships in Orlando, Florida, winning in 11 out of the 13 sections. There were also a large number of perfect 7-0 results. 

The Magnus Carlsen simul ended in a 10-1 victory for the World Champion. GM Irina Krush will report on that and continue where she left off from her last piece in a CLO article coming later this week. See detailed results here and MSA rated report here. 

Photo Jennifer Vallens

Kindergarten Champion: Erick Zhao, FL -7   
Kindergarten team champions: Kimball Wiles Elementary, FL 

1st grade Champion:  Jonathan Chen, CA- 7
1st grade team champions: Dalton, NY

2nd grade Champion: Nico Werner Chasin, NY-7
2nd grade team champions:  PS 41, New York,NY

3rd grade champion:  Chinguun Bayaraa, CA- 7.0
3rd grade team champions: Dalton, New York, NY

4th grade co-champions: Cole Nicholas Frutos (TX) & Logan Wu (TN)- 6.5 
4th grade team champions: Dalton, New York,NY

5th grade champion: Alexander John Costello, CA- 6.5
5th grade team champions: Speyer Legacy School, NY

6th grade champion: Justin Paul, VI- 6.5 
6th grade team champions:  Speyer Legacy School, NY 

7th grade co-champions: Nithin Kavi (MA) & Jacob Chen (NY)- 6.5
7th grade team champions:  I.S. 318, Brooklyn,NY

8th grade champion: Jack Richard Easton (KS), 6.5 
8th grade team champions:  I.S. 318, Brooklyn,NY

John Gabriel Ludwig, MyChessPhotos.com

9th grade champion: John Gabriel Ludwig, FL, 6.5 
9th grade team champions: Edgemont High School, Scarsdale, NY

10th grade co-champions: Andrew Liu and Christopher Wu - 6.5
10th grade team champions:   NEST+m School, New York,NY
Josh Colas, MyChessPhotos.com

11th grade champion: Joshua Colas, NY, 6.5
11th grade team champions: Stuyvesant High School, New York,NY

12th grade champion:  Samir Sen (WA) and Nichols Eduard Desmarais (AZ), 6 
12th grade team champions: Benet Academy, Lisle,IL

Samir Sen, MyChessPhotos.com