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By GM Andy Soltis   
December 1, 2014
In our December 2014 issue, GM Andy Soltis’ annual quiz in his “Chess To Enjoy” column included more material than we could print. Here are two bonus questions that didn’t make the cut:

I. When asked in June how Caruana was ‘’developing” as a player, Garry Kasparov replied:
(a) “Is he? He’s a very good player but I just don’t see much of the fundamental progress.”
(b) “He is already better than Fischer ever was.”
(c) “He is already better than Karpov ever was.”
(d) “I predict he’ll be closing in on Magnus before you know it.”

II. And finally, among the items offered to chessplayers this year was one with a  $2,025 price tag. It was:
(a) a cabin and tournament entry fee on the European cruise ship where the World Senior Championship was held.
(b) a carbon fiber chess set made by Ferrari, with the knights’ design based on the carmaker’s prancing-horse logo.
(c) a chessboard from the Olympiad signed by all five members of gold medal Chinese team.
(d) handwritten notes by Bobby Fischer, sold on eBay, for an un­pub­lished book.

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