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Kamsky and Svidler Head to Tiebreak Print E-mail
By Jennifer Shahade   
December 4, 2007
The Kamsky-Svidler match is tied at 1-1, so they will face-off tomorrow, (Dec.5) to see who will advance to the final eight. The winner of Kamsky-Svidler will play Ponomariov, who defeated Sasikiran 1.5-.5.


The two decisive games of the round were Ivan Cheparinov's victory over Wang Yue and Sergei Karjakin's win over Nisipeanu, both of which decided the matches 1.5-.5.  Cheparinov and Karjakin join Ponomariov, Shirov and Carlsen to bypass the tiebreaks tomorrow and head straight to round 5. Check out this link at chessvibes.com for a more readable pairings tree than what you find on fide.com.

The most striking game of the round was Cheparinov's. Can you figure out what he played in the following two positions?

Position after 22.g3. Black to Move

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Position after 40.Qe6. Black to Move.

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Here are the full games: