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Kamsky and Carlsen Draw 1st Game Print E-mail
By Jennifer Shahade   
December 9, 2007
Gata Kamsky plays Magnus Carlsen in the World Cup Semifinals. Photo Misha Savinov.

Gata Kamsky drew Magnus Carlsen with Black in the first round of their World Cup Final Four match-up. The winner of the match will face-off against the winner of Karjakin-Shirov in the final. 

Both Carlsen and Kamsky are rated at exactly 2714. However, at this point Kamsky must be considered the favorite, because he drew easily with Black today, and gets a free shot with White tomorrow.


The Karjakin-Shirov was a much wilder draw, in which Shirov seemed to be directing the action. However, a series of trades petered out into a drawn endgame, and now Shirov has to face Karjakin with Black tomorrow.


Tomorrow, Monday at 5 AM EST, Gata Kamsky will play with White against Magnus Carlsen. If they draw again, the game will go to tiebreak on Tuesday. Check the games live on the official website or on the Internet Chess Club . Good luck to Gata!