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By Jennifer Shahade   
December 9, 2007
12th grade champion, Warren Harper. Photo Jennifer Shahade
And the winners are in from the K-12/Collegiate Nationals in Houston, Texas! Full standings are available here on the pairings and results link. Coming soon is a full report with games, photos by Betsy Dynako and a blog by Macauley Peterson.


Aravind Kumar, Colin Zhu, Garrett Wright- 6/7

1st grade

Raymond Sun- 7

2nd grade

Alex Liu-7

3rd Grade

 Luke Harmon- 7

4th grade

Patrick Chi and Joel Anthony Pena-6.5

5th grade

 Jarod Pamatmat-6.5

6th grade

 Vincent Zhang, Robert Perez and Derek Chang-6

7th grade

Justin Karp -6.5

8th grade

Darwin Li, Andrew NG, Ben Gershenov, Chaz Daly- 6

9th grade

Alexander Heimann- 7

10th grade

Shinsaku Uesugi and Thomas Henry Riccardi -6

11th grade

Scott Lalli- 6

12th grade

Warren Harper- 7


Chaitanya Vaidya-6