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About Chess Life Kids Magazine

SUBSCRIBE TODAY - call 1-800-903-USCF (8723).

Chess Life Kids is the official publication of the United States Chess Federation (US Chess) for age 12 and under. A subscription to this leading chess magazine is one of the benefits of Scholastic membership in US Chess. Chess Life Kids is a bi-monthly publication. Scholastic Membership is available in our online store.

Chess Life Kids is your lifeline to the scholastic chess community.

A bi-monthly subscription to Chess Life Kids is included as a benefit with the scholastic US Chess Federation membership, for those age 12 and under.

If you are interested in advertising your tournament in Chess Life Kids, contact Advertising Associate Joan DuBois at (931)787-1234, ext. 123 or email Joan at [email protected]. If you have an article or photograph that you want to see published in Chess Life Kids please email Chess Life Kids Editor, Melinda Matthews at [email protected].

SUBSCRIBE TODAY - call 1-800-903-USCF (8723).