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The Scholar-Chessplayer Awards target high school juniors and seniors who excel in academics, chess, and leadership. The five winners receive equal $1500.00 scholarships totaling $7,500.00 in awards. These annual recognitions, provided by the U.S. Chess Trust with the support of the National Scholastic Chess Foundation and the U.S. Chess Federation (US Chess), are intended to encourage high school students who promote a positive image of chess. To apply for the Scholar-Chessplayer Award, you must be a current member of US Chess. Applicants should submit via email (or five copies by mail) the application, high school transcripts, letters of recommendation from a teacher and a chess coach, an essay, and a recent photograph.

For more information or for an application, please click on the appropriate link below:

2019 Scholar-Chessplayer Qualifications

2019 Scholar-Chessplayer Application

Past Recipients:

Abhimanyu Banerjee, FL  
Maggie Feng, OH  
Craig Hilby, CA  
Seth Talyansky, OR  
Andrew Tang, MN

Ethan Li, NY  
Zhaozhi (George) LI, IL  
Prateek Pinisetti, AZ  
Joshua Sheng, CA  
Warren Wang, NY TX

Safal Bora, MI  
Agata Bykovtsev, CA  
Akshat Chandra, NJ  
Daniel Gurevich, GA  
Christopher Yang, PA

Jackson Chen, CO  
Rachel Gologorsky, FL  
Simone Liao, CA  
Akshay Malhotra, TX  
Darwin Yang, TX

Jeevan Karamsetty, VA  
Varun Krishnan, CA  
Aleksandr Ostrovskiy, NY  
Arthur Shen, NJ  
Atulya Shetty, MI

2013 2012
Miles Hinson, NY Yang Dai, VA
Anna Matlin, NJ Joshua Mu, NC
Kevin Mo, PA Andrew Ng, NJ
Benjamin Tong, CA Jesse Orlowski, CA
Thomas Ulrich, WI Alexandra Weiner, CT

2011 2010
Chaz Daly, FL Rohan Agarwal, CA
Andrew Ng, NJ Richard Herbst, CO
Eigen Wang, NY Abby Marshall, VA
Kevin Zhang, AZ Jake Miller, NY
Andrew Shvartsman, NJ Victor Shen, NJ

2009 2008
Adithya Balasubramanian, VA Sarkis Agaian, NY
Robert Lau, HI 
Jonathan Cox, AZ
Haotian Zheng, CT 
Benjamin Marmont, AZ

Michael Thaler, NY Michael Sobin, NJ
Troy Daly, FL 
Adam Weser, NY