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August 6, 2008
The puzzles this month come from Chess Magnet School (see their ad on page 2 of the magazine).   Once you’ve solved all six puzzles (or even just one!), send it in to: gpetersen@ uschess.org. From among the correct entries, we’ll have seven drawings (one for each of the six puzzles and one for the overall winner). The winner of each drawing will receive a one year subscription to www.chessmagnetschool.com. They’ll have you playing board one in no time at all!

If you don’t have access to a computer, you can still enter by sending your entry to Glenn Petersen, 44-D Manchester Court, Freehold, NJ  07728. If you are lucky enough to win, we’ll send you Back to Basics: Fundamentals and Back to Basics: Tactics published by Russell Enterprises.

The first three are easy enough— if you know your basic checkmating attacks! The last three are “piece tour” exercises. You have to move the white piece—legally and safely (you can’t land on a square where it can be captured)—to the target square. The black pieces don’t move, but you have to start all over if you move to a square that isn’t safe. Remember the game “One-Two-Three-Red Light!” It’s the same idea. If a black piece “sees” you move to a square where you can be captured, you have to start all over.  Use algebraic notation (see page 4) to show your path to the target square.