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Warren Harper Wins Denker Print E-mail
By Jennifer Shahade   
August 4, 2007

by Jennifer Shahade

Texas representative Warren Harper took clear first in the Denker Tournament of High School Champions, with 5.5/6. He wins a full, four-year scholarship to Texas Tech University. Warren is an incoming senior and currently lives in Houston, Texas.

Denker Tournament of High School Champions
Final Standings
1- Warren Harper (Texas) 5.5/6
2-3- Tony Cao (IL) and Maxx Coleman (KS)- 5/6
4-5- Nicolas Yap and Kevin Wasiluk- 4.5/6
6-12- John Daniel Bryant, Tyler Hughes, Adithya Balsubramanian, Jeffrey Haskel, James Canty III, Andy P. May and Javid Aceil- 4/6

Final Denker Standings

In his last round game against Jeffrey Haskel, Warren converted a positional advantage.


Warren said he decided against the tempting 30.Ne7 Qxe7 31.Qa8+ followed by Qxa8 because it led to a more imbalanced game than the positional domination he enjoyed with a happy knight on d5. Jeffrey Haskel found some consolation in the $500 Ursala Foster award for the top player Under 16 years old.

Warren Harper and Jeffrey Haskel shake hands before their game in the last round of the Denker. Photo Jennifer Shahade

Tony Cao and Maxx Coleman both won their last round games to tie for second place. They had no idea if Warren would win his game or not, so as far as Tony and Maxx knew, they could be playing for first place.



Photo Gallery

John Daniel Bryant of California.

Maxx Coleman of Kansas tied for second place.

Texas pride: Warren with Courtney Jamison from the Polgar.

Tony Cao of Illinois tied for second place.

Look for Chess Life Magazine's coverage of the Denker and the Polgar, in which the participants themselves will write the articles!