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August 20, 2009
Tanuj Vasudeva
8-year-old Tanuj Vasudeva has a perfect 6/6 (UPDATE: Tanuj has 8/8 and has clinched the gold medal with a round to go!!) in the Pan-American Youth Championships in Mar Del Plata, Argentina in the Under 8 section! In the Under 16  section, Victor Shen and Andrew Shvartsman are also leading with 5.5/6 each. They will face each other on board one in round seven. Many other players are in medal contention with three rounds to go, including Simone Liao, Tommy He and Jarod Pamatmat with 5/6. Simone, like Tanuj is also blogging from the scene.  



Stay up to date on pairings and results on chessresults.com, which is far more organized than the official website , which you should still check out for downloading games and other information. Also see Tanuj's blog for photos and thoughts from the scene.

American Team after six rounds

Sub.8 Abs.      TANUJ VASUDEVA- 6

Sub.10 Abs     TOMMY HE- 5
Sub.10 Abs.    SHYAM GANDHI- 3.5

Sub.10 Abs.    STAN LIAO- 1.5

Sub.12 Abs.    JAROD PAMATMAT- 5

Sub.12 Abs.    JORDAN PAMATMAT- 4
Sub.12 Abs.    ARTHUR SHEN- 4

Sub.12 Abs.    MICHAEL BROWN- 3.5

Sub.12 Abs.    SAMUEL WARANCH- 3

Sub.14 Abs.    DANIEL ROZOVSKY- 4.5

Sub.14 Abs.    JUSTIN KARP-3

Sub.14 Abs.    MILES HINSON- 3.5

Sub.16 Abs.    VINCENT HUANG-3.5

Sub.16 Abs.    ANDREW SHVARTSMAN- 5.5

Sub.16 Abs.    ADARSH JAYAKUMAR-3.5

Sub. 16 Abs.    VICTOR SHEN-  5.5

Sub.18 Abs.    ALISA MELEKHINA –4


Sub. 8 Fem.     ANNIE WANG-4.5

Sub.10 Fem.    MARYIA ORESHKO-3

Sub. 10 Fem    SIMONE LIAO-5

Sub.14 Fem     ANNA MATLIN-3

Sub.18 Fem     KARSTEN MCVAY-3

Sub. 18 Fem    COURTNEY JAMISON-3.5

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