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By Jennifer Shahade   
August 2, 2007
Susan Polgar at her namesake tournament, just before round 4 begins.

by Jennifer Shahade

Louiza Livshitz of California leads the Susan Polgar Invitational for Girls while Warren Harper of Texas leads the Denker tournament of High School Champions. They both have 4.5 points out of five, with many players close behind at 4/5. The final round takes place tomorrow at 11 AM.  

Warren Harper of Texas defeated Tony Cao in round 4:


20...b5 was a mistake, because after 21. Qf1!, White is threatening Rxf6 and axb5 with a discovery on the queen at the same time- there is no way to defend it all. The unprotected f7 point decides in the game variation.

Louiza Livshitz won against the top seed, Ettie Nikolova in today's round:


It was a fighting game with chances for both sides, but allowing 33.Rxb6 didn't work out well for Ettie. Even though Louiza's rook technically had no way to escape, there was no way for Ettie to take advantage of it. 43.Rh6! finished the top seed off. The rook is untouchable: 43...gxh6 44.Qxh6+ (Rxh6 also wins) Kg8 45.Rg6+ and White wins.

Warren Harper of Texas (left) and Louiza Livshitz of California lead in the Denker and Polgar tournaments. Photos Jennifer Shahade

Denker Tournament of High School Champions
Standings after five rounds

Warren Harper (Texas) - 4.5

Tyler Hughes,Maxx Coleman, Jeffrey Haskel, John Bryant Daniel, Tony Cao, James Canty- 4

Susan Polgar Invitational for Girls
Standings after five rounds

Louiza Livshitz (California)- 4.5
Julia Kerr, Ashley Carter, Courtney Jamison, Eunice Rodriguez- 4