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August 26, 2009
Nakamura in today's game against Ljubojevic. Photo Cathy Rogers

Today at the Rising Stars vs. Experience NH tournament in Amsterdam , our U.S. Champion Hikaru Nakamura came back from an opening mishap (He is supposed to 0-0 before Nb3 in this line of the Accelerated Dragon) against Ljubojevic but then pushed too hard and lost. GM Ian Rogers, who wrote a report from the scene yesterday , told CLO: " He did fall into an opening trap (Correction- According to Macauley Peterson of chess.fm's audio interview, Nakamura intentionally played Nb3) but then fought back well and it was only because he pushed too hard with 29.Qb5+ (instead of Rxc8 and Rb8) that he got into trouble. After the game he admitted that he was feeling worse every day (healthwise)."

GM Jan Smeets won his second game against Beliavsky in the double round robin to keep the Experience team's lead at two points.