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August 2, 2008
Photo Mark Gluhovsky
In the third round of the Sochi Grand Prix (July 31-August 15), GM Gata Kamsky suffered a tough loss to Ivan Cheparinov, who is now the tournament leader. Kamsky was winning but had little time to deal with a sudden tactical onslaught from his Bulgarian opponent starting with 31. Nh5+.  White gained an hour after 40...Kh6 but unfortunately it was a couple moves too late for the time to be useful- Kamsky had to resign in view of the unstoppable Qf8+ mating threats. (i.e-Qf8+ Kh7 Qg8+ Kh8 Qh8 Qh7 Qf8 Qg7 Qg7#)


Kamsky calmed down from this loss with a draw against GM Levon Aronian.


Gata Kamsky now stands in the middle of the pack and faces Boris Gelfand, with Black, tomorrow.
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