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August 19, 2009
Tanuj Vasudeva in round five of the Under 8 at the Pan Ams. See Tanuj's blog for more photos

There are three perfect 4-0s from the American squad at the Pan-American Youth Championship in Mar Del Plata, Argentina: Arthur Shen in the Under 12, Tanuj Vasudeva in the Under 8 and Annie Wang in the Girls Under 8. Many of our players are just half a point back with 3.5 including Victor Shen, Andrew Shvartsman, Vincent Huang and Jarod Pamatmat.




Stay up to date on pairings and results on chessresults.com, which is far more organized than the official website , which you should still check out for downloading games and other information. Also see Tanuj's blog for photos and thoughts from the scene.

American Team after four rounds

Sub.8 Abs.      TANUJ VASUDEVA- 4

Sub.10 Abs     TOMMY HE- 3

Sub.10 Abs.    SHYAM GANDHI- 2

Sub.10 Abs.    STAN LIAO- 1.5

Sub.12 Abs.    JAROD PAMATMAT- 3.5

Sub.12 Abs.    JORDAN PAMATMAT- 2

Sub.12 Abs.    ARTHUR SHEN- 4

Sub.12 Abs.    MICHAEL BROWN- 1.5

Sub.12 Abs.    SAMUEL WARANCH- 2

Sub.14 Abs.    DANIEL ROZOVSKY- 2.5

Sub.14 Abs.    JUSTIN KARP-2

Sub.14 Abs.    MILES HINSON- 3

Sub.16 Abs.    VINCENT HUANG-3.5

Sub.16 Abs.    ANDREW SHVARTSMAN- 3.5

Sub.16 Abs.    ADARSH JAYAKUMAR-2.5

Sub. 16 Abs.    VICTOR SHEN-  3.5

Sub.18 Abs.    ALISA MELEKHINA –1.5


Sub. 8 Fem.     ANNIE WANG-4

Sub.10 Fem.    MARYIA ORESHKO-2

Sub. 10 Fem    SIMONE LIAO-3

Sub.14 Fem     ANNA MATLIN-2

Sub.18 Fem     KARSTEN MCVAY-1