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By Jennifer Shahade   
August 2, 2007
Photo Jennifer Shahade

by Jennifer Shahade

Recent UTD grad Amon Simutowe leads the U.S. Open (July 28-August 5) Traditional schedule 5-0. The Zambian-American IM Amon Simutowe is now focusing full-time on chess, chasing the GM title. (Bhat, Caruana and Kraai have set a good example so far!)The action will heat up for Amon, and everyone else, when the Traditional, 5-day and 6-day schedules merge tonight. Hikaru Nakamura and Alexander Shabalov are both in the 5-day.

U.S. Open

Traditional Schedule

Standings after five rounds
1. Amon Simutowe- 5
2-7- Thomas Bartell, Eric Rodriguez, Todd Lunna, Michael Mulyar, Sergey Kudrin and Tegshsuren- 4.5

Standings after four rounds
1-2- Justin Sarkar and Marc Tyler Arnold- 4
3-8- Braden Bournival, Elliot Liu, Christopher Toolin, Dean Ippolito, Michael Zhong and Alisa Melekhina- 3.5/4

Standings after two rounds
1-16- Hikaru Nakamura, Benjamin Finegold, Alex Lenderman, Mackenzie Molner, Rodion Rubenchik, Alexander Barnett, Evan Ju, Norman Rogers, Victor Shen, Elizabeth Vicary, Yevgeni Nahutin, Scott Low, Solomon Beilin, Adam Catlan McClelland, Alexander Shabalov and Sameer Suhas Mujumdar- 2

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Open Game highlights

In his fifth round game against NM Ralph Zimmer, Amon Simutowe, playing black, found a winning shot in the following position. Can you find it?

Position after 22.g3

Here is the full game where you will find out what Amon did play.


Sergei Kudrin played the role of Sicilian professor against Kentucky's Denker representative, Maxx Coleman.


In the final position after 22. Bc4, Coleman resigned because Bxc4 fails to Qc6+ Ke7 Bxc3 Qxc3 Qd6+ mating while Bxd2 loses to the simple Bxe6.

In the six-day, 2007 High school co-champion Michael Zhong won against the higher rated John Bick.


IM Justin Sarkar and U.S. Junior Championship Marc Arnold play today to determine the leader in the 6-day.Watch the game live (as well as many others) on monroi.com.

A separate report on the Denker/Polgar Championships is coming soon! At the moment, Harper Warren leads the Denker while four young ladies have joint lead in the Polgar (Ettie Nikolova, Louiza Livshitz, Julia Kerr and Ashley Carter)