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By Michael Atkins   
August 27, 2007
Adithya Balasubramanian. Photo Michael Atkins
Summer in the Nation's Capital is known for brutal, sweltering humidity. Such was the case as the Atlantic Open moved into DC on Friday, August 24. Players were seen Friday night outside the Westin carving slices of water out of the air it was so bad.

The Atlantic Open has been at this hotel since 1995. Its name has changed from Vista to Wyndham to Westin to Wyndham and now back to Westin. It's also infamously known as the hotel former DC Mayor Marion Barry was busted in while doing cocaine many years ago. The hotel reported a few years ago that Ed Bradley, the deceased former 60 Minutes correspondent once attempted to check into the hotel while asking for the "Marion Barry Suite."

Almost 300 players are playing this weekend. The Open section is a little weaker overall that it has been in the past. One GM and seven IM's are competing. Philippine GM Mark Paragua, who will probably compete more in the area now as he is a new member of the UBMC Chess Team, was the only Grandmaster this weekend. IM Ben Finegold is the highest rated player. He gave a free lecture Friday evening on his US Open game with Hikaru Nakamura.

Mark Paragua

Virginia junior Adithya Balasubramanian was very happy to see so many IMs in the field. In the first two rounds of the accelerated G/75 schedule he played and defeated both Emory Tate and Bryan Smith. He then drew with Mikhail Zlotnikov in the merged 40/2 SD/60 schedule. He lost to U.S. Open co-champ Anton Del Mundo in round 4 and drew with Tegshsuren Enkhbat in the final round. He gained 35 rating points from this event, jumping from 2177 to 2212.



The final round saw GM Paragua and IM Finegold in first with 3.5. Finegold got Zlotnikov and they drew after a nice struggle. Board 2 had US Open Co-Champ Anton Del Mundo paired against his long-time friend GM Paragua.


They had gone to the same school in The Phillipines and have known each other since childhood. A Paraugua win meant clear first, a Del Mundo win would complicate matter, dropping Paragua out of the winners circle and moving Del Mundo into a tie for first with Zlotnikov, Finegold and Del Mundo. Here is a win by co-winner Zlotnikov:


IM Mikhail Zlotnikov.

Atlantic Open
Final Standings

1-4- IM Benjamin Finegold, IM Mikhail Zlotnikov, Anton P Del Mundo , Chris J Mabe- 4/5
5-11-Mark Paragua, Marc Tyler Arnold, Macon Shibut, Ilye Figler, Oladapo Adu, Mark Heimann and Shinsaku Uesugi- 3.5/5

David Paulina- 4.5

Rostik Goltser-4.5

Michael Spargo 5-0

Mar L Barruel & Benjamin Yastrov 4.5

Jerome Mueller-4.5

Adia Onyango- 5-0.

Complete Standings and Crosstable on MSA

Tournament was organized by CCA and directed by NTD Steve Immitt, IA Sophia Rohde, NTD Michael Atkins and STD Jim Cope.