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Membership and Demographics

The US Chess Federation has 85,000 members, of whom 35,000 are adults and 50,000 are youth or scholastic members. The population is predominantly male. Adult members are generally college-educated and affluent.

Advertising Opportunities

US Chess provides a number of advertising and sponsorship opportunities for advertisers interested in reaching this membership. All members have access to, a Web-based community of chess fans and players of all levels. All adult members and youth and scholastic members over the age of 12 receive the monthly Chess Life magazine by mail, the highest circulation chess magazine in the world, in continuous publication since 1946. This magazine is also available on newsstands. US Chess members who are twelve or younger receive Chess Life for Kids magazine on a bi-monthly basis by mail. The web site and both of the magazines offer advertising opportunities. These media properties are by the most effective means of reaching American chessplayers. Chess organizers may announce tournaments in the Tournament Life Announcements (TLA) section of Chess Life. Substantial discounts from the rates below are available to US Chess Affiliates wishing to advertise rated chess tournaments.

Advertising Rates Web Advertising

1 month $600
2 months $1,150
3 months $1,690
6 months $3,420
Annual $6,100

Print Ads: Display and Direct Response

InsertsChess Life
Full pg $2690 $2585 $2480 $2370
2/3 $1815 $1745 $1670 $1600
1/2 $1490 $1430 $1370 $1310
1/3 $1035 $990 $950 $910
1/4 $820 $785 $755 $720
1/6 $590 $565 $540 $520
1/8 $455 $435 $420 $400
1/12 $315 $305 $295 $280
1inch $170 $160 $155 $145
InsertsChess Life for Kids
Full pg $600
1/2 $350
1/3 $250
1/4 $200
1/6 140

Please contact us if you are interested in running the same ad in multiple combined issues of Chess Life and Chess Life for Kids.

Technical Specifications

Please download this pdf document, which includes all advertising technical specifications as well as a recap of the above rates.

Tournament Announcements

For Chess Life, the first six lines are $2 per line. Additional lines are $3 each. For Chess Life for Kids, the rates are $1 per line up to 8 lines then $2.00 per line for 9 or more lines.

Closing Dates

The closing date for print advertisements is the tenth of the month two months prior to the cover date. In any particular issue, the Tournament Announcements are for events occurring after the fourteenth of that month. Issues are mailed to readers in the last week of the month preceding the cover date and the online viewer version is available on the first of the month of the cover date (August 1 for August issue, etc).


US Chess is interested in forming alliances and strategic relationships to promote chess in America. For information on sponsorships, please contact Joan DuBois at [email protected].


Chess Life display ads or banner ads: Dan Lucas, [email protected] or 931.200.5509

Chess Life for Kids display ads: Glenn Petersen, [email protected].

Tournament Announcements, classifieds, or sponsorship information: Joan DuBois, [email protected] or 931.787.1234 x123.