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This page was updated May 2, 2016.

US Chess affiliates are its greatest asset. Without the hard work of the many people connected with our state and local clubs and associations, we would have only a small fraction of our 90,000 members.

Regular affiliation includes the right to hold US Chess-rated tournaments, to receive commissions on US Chess memberships sold, and to receive Chess Life and the Rating Supplement by mail. All this for $40 is a bargain; we keep the price low because we seek as many affiliates as possible.

We are now asking our affiliates to do even more for chess and US Chess—to hold more rated events and, if possible, to make a higher level of financial commitment to US Chess, thereby helping us to bring organized chess to more people and to achieve our long-sought goal of topping the 100,000 mark in US Chess membership.

Gold and Silver Affiliates are affiliates who are able to make a higher level of financial commitment to US Chess, and accordingly are recognized in Chess Life and on the uschess.org website. The Gold and Silver Affiliate programs are described below.

Mail your Gold or Silver Affiliate payment with your contact information to: US Chess, Attn: Cheryle Bruce - Gold & Silver Affiliate Program, P.O. Box 3967, Crossville, TN 38557.

Gold Affiliates

Any affiliate that has submitted at least 50 US Chess memberships during the current or previous calendar year, or is the recognized State Affiliate, is eligible to become a Gold Affiliate. Gold Affiliates are honored in a special list in larger type in Tournament Life each month, giving the affiliate name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and website. Gold Affiliation costs $350 per year, and existing affiliates may subtract $3 for each month remaining on their regular affiliation, or $20 for each month remaining on their Silver Affiliation. By paying $500 instead of $350, Gold Affiliate status may be obtained with no minimum requirement for memberships submitted.

Current Gold Affiliates