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FIDE Information

As a member federation of FIDE, the US Chess Federation fulfills many official roles including: assigning FIDE ID’s, assisting with federation transfers, FIDE titles, registering tournaments for FIDE rating, and submitting tournaments for rating with FIDE. Below you will find information we hope will be helpful to you.

US Chess Federation Policy Concerning Change of Federation

While the United States Chess Federation does not recruit foreign players, it certainly welcomes those players who have already relocated to the US to become participating members of our federation. The USCF submits Change of Federation applications only for those players who already permanently reside in the United States and have their legal status according to the US Immigration Law. The USCF maintains a non-discriminatory policy in paying the initial Change of Federation application fee for top players who might represent the USCF in FIDE events. Except for the initial application fee (currently 250 Euros), the USCF pays no other fees, including Transfer Fees or Compensation Fees (to other federations). If a player changing federations wishes to participate in FIDE events before the two year waiting period expires, it is up to that player to pay the Transfer Fee and/or Compensation Fee. Our understanding is that the two year waiting period begins at the time of the application for Change of Federation.

FIDE and USCF Tournaments FIDE Information from FIDE Zonal President Francisco Guadalupe.