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Chess Clubs

Use this page to find up-to-date information about current Chess Clubs and other USCF Affiliates.


Upcoming Tournaments

Use this page to learn about upcoming Chess Tournaments.

National Events Calendar

Listings of upcoming USCF National Events. We update this list as we award the bids.

To register to play in a USCF National Event, including USCF Correspondence Tournaments, go to the USCF Membership and Tournament Webstore.


Plan-Ahead Calendar

Upcoming USCF National Events and other events with a $5,000 or more prize fund.

Crosstables for Rated Events

Looking for a crosstable for an event? click here and then search for the desired tournament.

To view a list of events rated by month and state, click here.

Gold and Silver Affiliates

Gold and Silver Affiliates are USCF Affiliates who are supporting the USCF at a higher financial level than regular affiliates and who, accordingly, receive special recognition in the Tournament Life section of Chess Life and on the web site. See the list of Gold and Silver Affiliates who are generously supporting the USCF under this program, and learn how your Affiliate can attain Gold or Silver status.


New Pilot Program

A pilot program in selected states will be allowing non-USCF members to play rated games. This program is for State Affiliates. For more information, please log into the TD/Affiliate Support Area as the State Affiliate.