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Top Blitz Senior regardless of Country, Residence, or Federation April 2021

1Matera, Salvatore J (10079578)70NYUSA2478
2Blocker, Calvin (10262160)65OHUSA2328
3Bonin, Jay Richard (10098327)65NYUSA2309
4Faber, Craig Allen (12417336)66CAUSA2225
5Winslow, Elliott (10363365)68CAUSA2210
6Kaufman, Lawrence Charles (10179416)73MDUSA2192
=6Smith, Larry L (10447496)65CAUSA2192
8Hoffmann, Asa (10076994)78NYUSA2184
9Gilden, Larry (10170184)78MDUSA2172
10Bruziewicz, Andrew J (12444002)67ONUSA2152
11Torres, Javier Antonio (12557984)68FLUSA2140
12Wall, Brian D (10923344)66COUSA2136
13Nolan, Gregory Matthew (10158419)66PAUSA2115
14Diebert, Charles M (10269181)66OHUSA2105
15Hart, Michael Merrill (10004705)73MAUSA2096
16Casden, Alan (10089051)69OHUSA2095
17Chernin, Oliver (10502772)65CTUSA2087
18Levine, David (10113334)65WAUSA2079
19Becker, Allen J (10481783)68WIUSA2037
20Gelinas, Charles Rene (11026290)69CAUSA2029
21Hechtlinger, John (12481756)72NJUSA2025
22Sherman, David (10190851)66DCUSA2023
23Levi, Ariel S (10433592)67MIUSA2021
=23Polyakin, Vladimir (12287160)75NYUSA2021
25Birguer, Alexandre (15057071)73CAUSA2017
26Stenzel, Harold (10095824)68NYUSA2003
27Barry, Steven M (10100470)72NCUSA2000
28Kalfas, Richard B (10138361)79NYUSA1993
29Marshall, Calvin (10261465)66OHUSA1986
=29Baluran, Alejandrino (12218060)69CAUSA1986
31Kelson, Richard (10482763)65CAUSA1973
32Bath, John S (11312853)68OHUSA1971
33Lunenfeld, Richard R (10160910)78PAUSA1957
34Gutnik, Aleksandr (16911191)66NYUSA1948
35Nugent, Arthur P (10011191)79MAUSA1947
36Wieder, Mark A (10074886)70NJUSA1944
37Unruh, Charles D (12474516)67OKUSA1931
38Graves, Joseph L (12429296)65NCUSA1927
39Cincotta, Michael (10115795)71NYUSA1923
=39Stevens, Lawrence Jay (10187796)72CAUSA1923
41Kitces, Edward (10194636)71VAUSA1912
42Semel, Michael (12394665)66NYUSA1909
=42Brown, Wilbert Alexander (12547003)71MDUSA1909
44Sussman, Leonard (10113814)78CAUSA1899
45Cappallo, Roger (10011965)71MAUSA1890
46Roberts, Chris (10947626)65CAUSA1889
47Likens, Terry Dean (10327776)68SDUSA1878
48Gladding, Lawrence David (10004802)66MAUSA1866
49Babayan, Ruben (12581635)71MEUSA1862
50Rutkofske, Lonnie (10288347)74MIFOR1860
=50Williams, John W (10460565)70CAUSA1860
52Lundstrom, Brad (10410347)65COUSA1850
53Gregg, Alan Michael (12824548)76MIFOR1846
54Zhaurov, Yuriy (14256202)69MAUSA1843
55Meidinger, Charles L (10237114)65ALUSA1842
56Apper, Kevin A (12480458)72LAUSA1838
57Magda, Barry (12486960)67MEUSA1833
58Price, Laurence B (12517236)74CTUSA1827
=58Newcomb, Blaine (12526243)69COUSA1827
60Pennington, Fred P (10390885)81TXUSA1810
61Stark, Gregg (10253136)72OHUSA1798
62Charnov, Bruce Hirschl (14453255)74CAUSA1794
63Barth, Jeffrey Edward (11322280)69SDUSA1792
64Kochman, David M (10032059)65NHUSA1789
65Zumbrunnen, Randy D (10414695)65UTUSA1778
66Katz, Stewart (12458563)65CAUSA1767
67Yousif, A J (15151131)74NYUSA1756
68Roth, Ted A (11366929)73NJUSA1755
69Voje, Daniel W (10318637)71MNUSA1753
70Demetruk, David E (10266955)66OHUSA1751
=70Smith, Richard Dodd (12204290)67NCUSA1751
72Green, Thomas A (10315379)73AZUSA1750
73Hatcher, Wayne L (10513081)67OKUSA1748
74Edmonds, Nathaniel R (11280633)71VAUSA1745
75Lehman, Clarence E (10497272)69CAUSA1743
76Ferrante, Christopher (10033390)68GAUSA1736
77Martinez, Alberto (12490535)75NJUSA1724
78Hernandez, Hector R (10344875)68ILFOR1717
79Cuneo, Peter J (12064960)69NMUSA1711
80Himes, Dennis Paul (12570458)66CTUSA1710
81Andreas, Peter Carl (10391989)66OHUSA1706
=81Wright, Rodney C (12438071)66KYUSA1706
83Noone, Larry R (12432993)65PAUSA1705
84Sloan, Sam H (11115292)76NYUSA1700
=84Cox, Michael K. (12234690)68PAUSA1700
86Henderson, Robert K (12472307)70CAUSA1687
87Pereira, Jacinto O (10231728)70FLUSA1686
=87Nagel, Arthur C (10264669)73AZUSA1686
89Pylant, Gary M (10245451)70TNUSA1664
90Bianco, Rogelio (16984093)80FLFOR1653
91Clark, James Michael (14178163)75MOUSA1642
92Kuhn, Timothy (12394833)68MIUSA1636
93Person, Melvin (12426694)72KYUSA1635
=93Jayson, Mitchell (12760074)73CAUSA1635
95Williams, Larry O (12068090)67NCUSA1633
96Florian, Robert A (10280567)76OHUSA1631
=96Nelson, James (10407109)73ORUSA1631
=96Putnam, Leland (12472671)69UTUSA1631
99Yee, Young (10426286)71AZUSA1629
100Steppe, Steven J (12332070)66INUSA1625
These Top 100 lists are updated every month by the United States Chess Federation. As of the June 2014 list, ages will be as of the first day of the month in which those ratings become official. For example, ages for the December lists will be as of December 1. (For Top 100 lists prior to June 2014, ages are as of the first day of the previous month.)

Ratings shown are the official US Chess ratings for the month indicated, which are generated on the third Wednesday of the month before they become official. Only current US Chess members with established ratings and ratings activity in the last year are shown. Please contact us if you have questions about these lists.


Top Player Lists

Top Player Lists