Pan Am Photo Gallery: Fun & Games in South Padre Island
By Luciana Morales   
December 31, 2009
Luciana Morales' shared a photo gallery to show how much fun the 28 teams had at the recently concluded Pan American Championships in South Padre Island, Texas (Dec.27-30). Joining this year's championship team, the University of Maryland at Baltimore Country for the "Final Four" competition in the Spring of 2010 will be the University of Texas at Dallas, Texas Tech University and the University of Texas at Brownsville. "No surprises there," Morales' said, who will also be writing about the event for an upcoming issue of Chess Life Magazine.

University of Texas at Brownsville program director Russell Harwood told CLO, "UTB/TSC is honored to have hosted the 2009 Pan Ams.  I would like to thank the students who gave up part of their holidays to participate in this prestigious event.  We had universities all the way from Barbados to Toronto participate, and all the students did a fantastic job of representing their respective universities."

For more on the Pan-Ams, browse through the standings and play through games on Monroi.

After game blitz session

The ladies of Texas Tech University and University of Texas at Dallas face off

Daniel Schwarz keeps this clock for its sentimental value-- his first coach gave it to him 8 years ago, when he was 12 and people would call him "Bunny Boy."

Hello, Endgame Clothing. Karina Vazirova in a UTD shirt.

Daniel Ludwig scores a goal

GM Leonid Kritz of UMBC

UTD Ladies Team: Nath Saheli, Bayaraa Zorigt and Karina Vazirova

GMs Reiner Gonzlaez and Axel Bachmann

Stephanie Pitcher of the University of Utah with her daughter

Top board ones: GM Leonid Kritz of UMBC, IM Davorin Kuljasevic of Texas Tech and IM Vioreanu of Yale

Top Board two: IM Gabor Papp of Texas Tech

Top board threes: GM Axel Bachmann and IM Gergely Antal

Top board four, IM Sasha Kaplan of the University of Maryland Baltimore County

The #1 team: UMBC

The #2 team: UTD A

The #5 team: UTB

The #3 team: Texas Tech University

The University of Texas at Brownsville trophy catching some waves.