Lenderman on Fire at the Marshall!
December 15, 2009
GM-elect Alex Lenderman, here on the cover of October 2009's Chess Life Magazine
At a strong Edward Lasker Memorial/Marshall Chess Club Championship (held over two weekends, 12/10-12 and 12/18-19), GM-elect Alex Lenderman is on fire, winning five games in a row and posting a mid-tournament TPR of 2800+. Access results and crosstable on the Marshall Chess Club new section. 

Lenderman told CLO, "I think my best game was against Justin Sarkar and my most interesting game was against Siddharth Ravichandran."



Irina Krush, who has been very active on CLO lately, writing in-depth articles on the Knights US Chess League win and the National Chess Congress , also had a strong start. She has 3.5/5 and her field included four GMs. "Lucky for me," Irina said, since this means Krush is likely to be eligible for norms. Look for thoughts including photos by Irina Krush after the event concludes.

Follow the Marshall Chess Club Championship on the club website and the Internet Chess Club, where the top two boards each round will be relayed. Watch a video interview with Alex Lenderman on the US Chess Scoop and after the National Chess Congress.