James Black and Raven Sturt Take Blitz Champs
December 10, 2009
The tournament hall at the National K-12 Championships in Dallas, Photo Polly Wright

The National K-12 Championships in Dallas, Texas kicked off with blitz tournaments. James Black of IS 318 won the K-6 section while Raven Sturt of Bronx Science took first in the K-12. Friday, December 11, is the first full day of competition. Women's World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk's simul will begin in the morning and rounds 1 and 2 will start at 1 and 6 PM EST. For more details on Alexandra's visit, see the earlier CLO article with analysis, links and an interview with Kosteniuk. Look for more stories and photos from the K-12s over the weekend and early next week. Stay up to date on your favorite players and teams on the pairings & results link.

Photos by Polly Wright
James Black, 1st in the K-6 Blitz Championship

Raven Sturt, 1st in the K-12 Blitz Championship

Tony Cheng, tied for 2nd-4th in the K-6 Blitz

Tom Polgar-Shutzman, tied for 2nd in the K-6 Blitz

Alexander Spinnell, tied for 2nd-4th in the K-6 Blitz

Michael Bodek, 2nd in the K-12 Blitz