London Round 2: Nakamura Scores Tough Draw vs. Adams
December 9, 2009
GMs Michael Adams and Hikaru Nakamura, Photo Cathy Rogers

In round two of the London Chess Classic, Michael Adams squeezed Hikaru Nakamura into a pawn down endgame coming up with some very nice moves such as 17.Qg5 and 18.Bf4. However, Nakamura managed to hold: much the reverse of yesterday's game.


GM Ian Rogers reported Nakamura's thoughts from the postgame press conference: "Today I felt like I played a bad game, almost from the start. I was completely lost but managed to make a draw; I'll take it; luck should even out. It's up and down, but I'd rather two draws than a win and a loss. Well, considering the scoring system (which gives three points for a win and one for a draw), maybe not."

Today was also Hikaru Nakamura's 22nd birthday. Happy Birthday to our US Champion and good luck in the rest!

Carlsen climbed to 6-0 with a nice win over Luke McShane, marked by pretty moves, 45.Be2 and 47.Nc5!


Kramnik won a smooth game over Ni Hua, who seemed to have troubles again in the opening.


You can follow the action at 9 AM EST on the official website where live games and commentary will be available. Look for more news on CLO editor Jennifer Shahade will be commenting on four and five for the Internet Chess Club. Also keep your eyes on CLO for on-the-scene updates by GM Ian Rogers.