The Scoop on the National Chess Congress: Part II
By Jennifer Shahade   
December 3, 2009
Our second installment of US Chess Scoop videos from the National Chess Congress includes interviews with co-champ IM Bryan Smith, 16-year-old NM Kassa Korley, IM Jay Bonin and Dr. Alan Soble. See the first installment of videos here, and look for a personal account of the tournament from IM Irina Krush.

The Scoop with Kassa Korley from DIM mak films on Vimeo.



When Kassa is not praising his opponents' moves, he's executing his own crushing attacks. Kassa finished out of the money but went back over 2300 in the tournament. In the following win over Oleg Zaikov, he was particularly happy with h4!


The Scoop with IM Bryan Smith from DIM mak films on Vimeo.



This wild draw netted Bryan $1400 and a tie for first with three other players: GM Alex  Stripunsky, GM-elect Alex Lenderman (who won the title on tiebreak) and IM Irina Krush.

The Scoop with Dr. Alan Soble from DIM mak films on Vimeo.




The Scoop With IM Jay Bonin from DIM mak films on Vimeo.


Here is one of Jay's games, which he thought exemplified his imperfect form although his opponent Andrew Shvartsman had a strong tournament overall, earning his highest rating so far (2240).


See Part I of this article here, MSA rated results and check the National Chess Congress website for photos, complete results and a pgn file of games.