Norm Hunting in Texas Begins
November 22, 2009
ChessProgramUTDslide.jpgThe University of Texas at Dallas GM and IM Invitational (November 21-29) tournaments have begun. The top group features GMs Giorgi Kachieshvili, Alejandro Ramirez, Amon Simutowe, Zviad Izoria and six IMs hunting for GM norms. In the first round IM Jacek Stopa and Izoria managed to score full points.

The IM group also features two GMs: Babakuli Annakov and Ildar Ibragimov. The first round of the IM group featured four decisive results out of five. Check out tournament details and live games on Monroi. The events are directed by Jon Haskel. Look for WIM Dr. Alexey Root's mid-tournament dispatch on CLO.