USA Scores 4.5/10 in World Cup Game 1
November 21, 2009
World Cup Playing Hall, More photos on official site

The ten US players at the World Cup scored 4.5/10 in round 1, game 1 with three draws and three wins. Winners were GM Varuzhan Akobian, GM Alexander Shabalov and Gata Kamsky. The official website includes many photos from the opening ceremony and further information. Much to the dismay of those waking up bright and early, the live game relay did not work in game 1, but there is pgn download (sited as incomplete on the official website)-play through battles featuring US players below. Also check chessdom for more games and live coverage tomorrow.

GM Alexander Shabalov, a big winner in round one of the World Cup

World Cup, Round 1, Game 1 Results

Tomashevsky, Evgeny (RUS) 1-0  Ivanov, Alexander (USA)
Friedel, Joshua E (USA) 0-1  Wang, Hao (CHN)
Jobava, Baadur (GEO) 1-0  Robson, Ray (USA)
Hess, Robert L (USA) ½-½  Motylev, Alexander (RUS)
Kamsky, Gata (USA) 1-0  Antonio, Rogelio Jr (PHI)
Onischuk, Alexander (USA) ½-½  Flores, Diego (ARG)
Smirin, Ilia (ISR) 1-0  Ehlvest, Jaan (USA)
Shabalov, Alexander (USA) 1-0  Baklan, Vladimir (UKR)
Savchenko, Boris (RUS) ½-½  Shulman, Yuri (USA)
Akobian, Varuzhan (USA) 1-0  Tregubov, Pavel V. (RUS)