Video From the King's Island Open
By JW Holes   
November 17, 2009
Videos from the King's Island Open in Ohio (November 13-15) where four players tied for first (GM Ben Finegold, FM Peter Bereolos, Seth Homa and FM Andrew Karklins) include interviews with GM Ben Finegold, WIM Iryna Zenyuk and an extended clip with GM Arthur Bisguier.  

King's Island Open Chess Tournament from JW Holes on Vimeo.

Tournament director Steve Immitt provided CLO with a game from one the interviewees above and the tournament winner on tiebreak, GM Ben Finegold:

This was GM Arthur Bisguier's final year at the King's Island Open and JW Holes sat down to talk with him about the most positive and negative changes in chess and Bobby Fischer.

An Interview With GM Arthur Bisguier from JW Holes on Vimeo.

See final results and crosstables on the CCA website and USCF rated results. CLO readers asked for perspectives from some of the "Under sections." You got it: Later this week, look for a blog by popular chess dad writer Mark Schein, who played in King's Island with his son Aaron.