Five Tie in Turkey Bowl
November 16, 2009
Three of the five winners from the Turkey Bowl: GMs Reiner Gonzalez, GM Julio Becerra and Jeffrey Haskel, Photo Jon Haskel

Five players tied for first in the Turkey Bowl (November 13-15, Fort Lauderdale, FL): GM Julio Becerra, GM Reiner Gonzalez, IM Blas Lugo, Jeffrey Haskel, Eric Cooke with Becerra taking home the title on tiebreaks. Organizer Jon Haskel told CLO that the tournament's name springs from its proximity to Thanksgiving and football season, "Each year I decorate the playing area in Thanksgiving decorations and inflatable Turkeys." See MSA rated results here and look forward to the two big Grand Prixs that take place on Thanksgiving weekend itself, the National Chess Congress in Philadelphia and the American Open in California.

GM Becerra with organizer Jon Haskel

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