Bryan Smith Scores 14-3 in Allentown Halloween Simul
By Bruce Davis   
November 2, 2009
Bryan Smith in Allentown
It was an overcast day for the Simultaneous Exhibition here in Allentown, PA at the Lehigh Valley Chess Club (LVCA) at St James Church. But the atmosphere inside was bristling with cheerful optimism at a chance to play International Master Bryan Smith. Most active chess players in the area participated.

Bryan made the simultaneous even more competitive for himself by offering to draw for colors on each board. In the end this gave the club a bit of an advantage in that we had 11 Whites and six Blacks out of the 17 total boards.


The simul was preceded by a Halloween costume contest determined by popular vote. Matthew O’Brien wore a Scream mask but the competition was tough with two other serious contenders with homemade outfits. Alex Smith wore a ghoul mask with  full body spider web costume and James Quartararo wore a Samurai outfit complete with sword, headgear and wood shoes. Great Job James on going the extra mile as the contest was enjoyed by all.

The final result was 13 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses for Bryan. Here are the two wins (by Matthew J O’ Brien, Bruce R Davis Sr.) and draws(by Daniel G O’ Brien and Jonathan Pfefer). 


Bruce Davis is the president of the Lehigh Valley Chess Association. If this makes you hungry to participate in a simul be sure to sign up for Women's World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk's simul at the K-12 National Scholastic in Dallas, Texas from December 11-13. Also see info on a Nov.5 exhibition by GM Ronen Har-Zvi in Schenectady, NY and look for an upcoming report on CLO.