Jennifer on a Win for the Inventors
By Jennifer Shahade   
September 15, 2009
FM Mike Shahade and GM-elect Alex Lenderman of the Philly Inventors

The Philadelphia Inventors finally scored a victory in week three of the U.S. Chess League. Although GM Sergei Kudrin lost on board one to GM Leonid Kritz, GM Alex Lenderman won smoothly on board two against World Senior Champion GM Larry Kaufman. I particularly liked the 19. Ra3 manouever since 19.Rae1 with the same e3 idea allows ...d3. Lenderman was also happy with the victory and said, "I outplayed a strong positonal player with many precise moves."


Still, it did not look good for us since Bartell-Uesugi was a draw on board three and board four looked totally lost for us.  WIM Tsagaan Battsetseg played really well to gain a crushing game on the black side of an Accelerated Dragon. The sequence of e5-Nd4 and Rxd8 was nice. However, Kavinayan Sivakumar held tight and pounced on a 68th move blunder.


This is what team captain Lenderman has to say about the city of Philadelphia:

Go Philly Inventors! from DIM mak films on Vimeo.

Check out some photos of the team below and watch on the Internet Chess Club next week, September 23, as we face the Boston Blitz. I learned from Joel Benjamin's article about over-predicting results, so I'll just say the result will leave you craving cheesesteak.
Mike Shahade and Rick Costigan of the Philly Inventors

GM-elect Alex Lenderman and GM Sergei Kudrin

Rahul Swaminathan

FM Mike Shahade and GM-elect Alex Lenderman of the Philadelphia Inventors