USA Crushes Armenia in World Women's Team
September 3, 2009
Irina Krush in China

The Americans came back from a round 1 loss to Poland at the Women's World Team Championship (Ningbo, China, September 2-13) to crush Armenia 3.5/5!

Irina Krush and Rusudan Goletiani, playing White on boards 1+3, both won:



Also scoring a victory was Tatev Abrahamyan, who was born in Armenia.


It seems this will be a very tight tournament- Poland is the only team that has a perfect score after two rounds. Update: Round 3 USA-Vietnam was a draw. This was not the happiest result for the American ladies, since Vietnam is the lowest rated team in the event. But in this long tournament, one upset draw doesn't mean too much.

Hardcore fans can watch the games LIVE at 2:30 AM EST, or play through them in the morning. Also check for pairings & results.