Lenderman Takes Atlantic Open
August 31, 2009
GM Alex Lenderman
19-year-old GM-elect Alex Lenderman took clear first at the Atlantic Open (August 28-30) in Washington D.C with 4.5/5, picking up $2100 for his efforts. "I feel like I played to my maximum," Alex told CLO. 374 players competed in seven sections. See the full MSA for rating changes and crosstables.

In his last round game against Lenderman, Shabalov told CLO, "I got a big advantage in the opening but allowed Black too much counterplay with 20.b3?! Black missed the instant win with 41...Rxe5 42.Qb8+ Qe8 (pointed out by Marc Arnold)." The perpetual clinched first for Lenderman, although in the final position White's activity should not be enough for three pawns.


Here is Lenderman's crucial penultimate win over the tournament's top-seed, GM Georgi Kacheishvili. 


 A very active player, Lenderman will next play in the New York State Championship (September 4-7), and also in the Philadelphia Inventors first match this week against the Tenneessee Tempo.