Abby 5-0 in Denker; 11 Still Perfect in Open
August 4, 2009
Abby Marshall, Photo courtesy
Abby Marshall of Virginia is 5-0 in the Denker tournament of high school champions with just a round to go. Half a point behind is Michael Yang of Minnesota, and Yang and Marshall will face off in the final round for first place. Watch it on monroi.

Abby is slated to blog on the tournament, so soon enough, we'll hear her thoughts on the following crucial round four victory over Patrick John Tae (a beautiful King's Gambit win):

 Meanwhile, in the traditional schedule of the U.S. Open, there are 11 perfect 3-0s. Among those are some of the top seeds, GMs Alex Yermolinsky and Larry Kaufman, but also some surprises.

Matthew Michaelides pulled off his second upset (although a minor upset in comparision to defeating GM-elect Lenderman), in a row with his win over FM Lester Van Meter:

Tonight also marks the start of the six-day schedule. See standings here, watch the games live on and look for thoughts from the scene soon by Abby Marshall, Macauley Peterson and Erik Patchell.