Big Upset in the Open; Abby and Patrick Lead Denker
August 3, 2009
Abby Marshall is 3/3 in the Denker, Photo
Abby Marshall of Virginia and Patrick John Tae of Tennessee of lead the Denker tournament of high school champions with 3/3. Here are both of their round three victories.

 They will face off in round four, see the game live on

Meanwhile, round two of the traditional schedule of the U.S. Open saw a big upset on board one, with expert Matthew Michaelides defeating GM-elect Lenderman.

Bookmark U.S. Open results & pairings. and watch the action live on . Look for many more exciting players to join the action and the fight for U.S. Championship spots, as the six-day schedule starting on 8/4, and the four-day schedule, starting on 8/6, kick off. 

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