No Mercy Nakamura in Spain
July 12, 2009
GM Hikaru Nakamura, Photo Betsy Dynako
U.S. Champion and World Open co-champ Hikaru Nakamura is on fire at the Donostia Chess Festival (July 7-16) in San Sebastian, Spain. He started out with two whites and wins over Karpov and Vachier-Lagrave. Hikaru wrote about the first few rounds on his blog , and remarked on drawing #1, which in a round robin, guarantees two whites in the first two rounds (plus an extra white overall): "... it is supposed to be a huge advantage due to starting off a tournament with double whites, I have found that it is very much a double edged sword. For instance, if you fail to convert in the first two games, there will be huge pressure to win with Black. Also, I was not overly thrilled about this drawing due to a certain uncertainty involving my performance as I was coming straight from the World Open in Philadelphia. Nevertheless, it is supposed to be an advantage and you just have to deal with it."

Our champion has certainly dealt well with it so far- Nakamura now stands a point ahead of the field with 4.5/5.

Nakamura's Games from Spain


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