Kruml and Qi Tie in U.S. Amateur West
By Enrique Huerta   
May 28, 2009
Joseph Kruml
The U.S. Amateur Team West in Tucson, Arizona (May 22-25) attracted 192 players including 13 experts in the Championship section. After three days of playing it all came down to the last two games on the top two boards. On board 2, Eric Qi defeated Ralph Cayton to finish with 5 points. Leading the tournament for most of the weekend top rated Joseph Kruml was still in a battle with Benjamin Marmont on board 1. The last game of the weekend ended in a draw to give the title to Kruml on tie-breaks over Qi, with Marmont taking third.

In the Reserve section, Nick Brady turned in the best score of the weekend (5.5 - .5) with a victory over WH Archer. Nathan Ogata (5-1) and Cameron Terrill (4.5 - 1.5) rounded out the top 3 places. Bryce Todd and Jacob Groh (5-1) finished first and second, respectively, in the Booster section. Michael Savoia (4.5 - .5) finished in third.

GM Alejandro Ramirez was our "chess celebrity" and for the weekend. Along with analyzing games for the players, he also gave a 25 board simul (25 - 0) and lecture.
GM Alejandro Ramirez gives a simul to Amateur West participants

Also spotted in the crowd were IM Levon Altounian, and FIDE Masters Robby Adamson, Ken Larsen and Daniel Rensch.

The tournament was organized by the Southern Arizona Chess Association president Karen Pennock and Chief TD was Enrique Huerta. Complete standings and prize lists will be available on shortly.