Hutama Wins U.S. Amateur Championships East
By Steve Ferrero   
May 27, 2009
Sandi Hutama, winner of the Under 2200, U.S. Amateur East Championship section, Photo Steve Ferrero
The 66th Annual U.S. Amateur Championship East Tournament, held in Somerset, New Jersey drew 220 players. This was up from last year’s event, which was held in the same location, but only had 170 players.  With an economy rivaling that of the Great Depression, attracting an extra 50 players could not possibly have been an easy feat. It was made easier by the TDs and staff, who did a great job in making the tournament fun for all.

 The winner of the Championship section was Sandi Hutama from New Jersey, pictured above. You can see all the results on the MSA link.

The photo gallery below includes some of the winners from the six sections into which the tournament was divided. There are only three sections in the Championship event, but there was also a three-section concurrent Scholastic event.

U.S. Amateur Championship , East

Championship, Under 2200:

Sandi Hutama, 5.5/6
Clear second in the Championship section was Sameer Mujumdar with 5/6, Photo Steve Ferrero

Under 1800

Alexander Kane, John Goodsell Frisk and Joseph Casey, 5/6
The Under 1800 Champs: Joseph Casey, Alexander Kane and John Goodsen Frisk (1st on tiebreak), Photo Steve Ferrero

Under 1400
Sasha Romayev and Andy Chen 5/6
Co-champs in the Under 1400 section, Sasha Romayev and Andy Chen (1st place trophy on tiebreak) , Photo Steve Ferrero

U.S. Amateur East K-8 Scholastics

Hot Shots

Krish Anand, 4.5/5

Check Mates

Alan Gu, Bernard Zhang, Thomas Benson and Vikram Arunkumar, 4/5

Rising Stars,

Guarav S. Ganthapodi, 5/5