USCF Board Meeting Agenda
By Bill Hall   
May 7, 2009
The USCF announced in the USCF Issues Forum on May 2 the agenda for the Executive Board Meeting for May 16 – 17 at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel in St. Louis. The agenda is available below and you can log into the USCF Issues Forum to discuss and to ask questions related to the meeting. To access the USCF Issues Forum you must be registered and logged in to this website.

Chase Park Plaza Hotel
Saint Louis, MO

May 16-17, 2009


9 am (Open): Officer reports
VP of Finance
Executive Director

11 am (Open): Budget

12 noon: Lunch break

2 pm (Open): Budget

3:30 pm (Open): Emailings for affiliates

3:45 pm (Open): 501c3 status

4 pm (Closed): Awards


9 am (Open) : US Championship procedures

9:30 am (Open): Ratings
Life titles
Quick rating system
Rating of Blitz

10:15 am (Open): Life member letters

10:30 am (Open): 501c3 status

10:45 am (Open): Quick rated scholastics

11 am (Closed): Selection of FIDE Zonal President

12 noon: Lunch break

2 pm (Closed): Sponsorship and personnel

3:30 pm (Closed): Legal subcommittee

For possible changes and discussion of these and other issues, register as a USCF member and see the USCF Issues Forum at