Akobian Leads Against Shulman
April 22, 2009
GM Varuzhan Akobian
In the four-day rapid match in Robinson Rancheria Resort and Casino (April 22-25), GM Varuzhan Akobian leads 1.5-0.5 over his friend and Olympic teammate, GM Yury Shulman. See the official webpage or the Internet Chess Club for live games.

Check out the critical moment from Akobian's win just after Akobian's space grabbing and tactically threatening 16.b4. Shulman played 16...Rfe8 but after Bxf6, he was forced to take with the pawn since the natural recapture Bxf6 loses to f4 Nd7 b5. The point of exf6 is that now when f4 Nd7 b5, Be4 is protected by the e8 rook. Akobian found a better plan, hammering on Black's d6 pawn and achieved a dominant position.


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