Texas Tech Scholarships at G/30 and G/60 Champs
By Sevan A. Muradian   
April 20, 2009
 The North American Chess Association (NACA) proudly announces that the Susan Polgar Institute of Chess Excellence (SPICE) at Texas Tech University (TTU) is offering two undergraduate scholarships valued at $36,000 each to the top performing players under the age of 22 of the US G/60 and US G/30 National Chess Championships. Each event will showcase one of the two available scholarships. Eligible participants can participate in both events to double their chances of winning the scholarships.
The 2009 US G/60 and US G/30 National Chess Championships is scheduled for August 22-23, 2009 at the Holiday Inn North Shore Hotel in Skokie, IL . This is the second year the tournament will call this venue home. Last year both events registered the largest ever tournament participation in the past decade of the tournaments history.
For more information on these scholarships and events please visit http://www.nachess.org
Good Chess to All,
Sevan A. Muradian
FIDE Arbiter and International Organizer
North American Chess Association