Pair of Draws in Kamsky-Ivanchuk
March 17, 2009
GM Gata Kamsky in Amber, Photo (c) ChessVibes

Today at the Amber Chess Tournament (March 14-26, Nice, France), Gata Kamsky and Vassily Ivanchuk played a pair of solid but hard-fought draws. Both players pushed slight edges with White--Kamsky in the blindfold and Ivanchuk in the rapid, but neither could push through.



So Kamsky is still at minus one, with 3.5/8, but tied for the lead in the rapid competition, with 2.5/4. Meanwhile, Kramnik scored 2-0 against Wang Yue to leapfrog over Aronian and Morozevich to the top of the standings, with 5.5/8.  

Tomorrow, March 18, Wednesday is a rest day at Amber and play resumes on Thursday at 9:30 AM EST. Check out more games and the schedule on the official website. Also see the ICC blog , an index of videos and ChessVibes for more stories from the site.