GM Stripunsky to Appear at SuperNationals
February 10, 2009
GM Alexander Stripunsky
GM Alexander Stripunsky has confirmed an appearance at the 2009 SuperNationals in Nashville, Tennessee (April 3-5). Many kids in Tennessee already know about Alex and his engaging teaching style through his chess camps in Memphis. Stripunsky told CLO about the great time he had at his first Nationals,
"I flew to Orlando from La Guardia Airport and the first thing I saw accessing  the gate, was a group of little kids sitting on a floor and playing chess. They were completely involved in the world of 64 squares in the middle of the noisy airport. It was very touching."

"The kids bring to these tournaments the spirit of the real chess lovers compared with my more prudent and calculating world of professional chess. I can feel it. And it energizes me."

Stripunsky advises kids who are preparing for Nashville not to let nerves to get in the way of their passion for the game: "All masterpieces on the Earth were created by the excited, passionate people." He also suggests prioritizing finding nice moves, combinations and plans, and not just on winning. Before a major tournament, Stripunsky focuses on exercise and reaching an ideal, relaxed state of mind: "Physical condition of a chessplayer can't be underestimated."

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Grandmaster Alexander Stripunsky

Find out more about Stripunsky's chess camps, including 8th Annual Mid-South Chess Camp in Memphis June 7-12. Please visit for more information.